Drop Off & Pick Up

To Our Valued Customers At Swedish Performance & Parts

We are now offering Complimentary pick-up & drop-off, within a 10 mile radius.

We care about the safety and wellbeing of our valued customers and our employees!    

During this heightened state of awareness with the Covid 19 outbreak. We are offering a contact-free option for your automotive repairs:

 ** If arranging for pick up and drop off, please call 919-365-9100 to set your appointment, we will go over contact-free options with you at that time.  

  1.   If self drop, call or schedule an appointment through the link on our website or through Google.  

  2.   Use a night drop envelope from the mailbox on the door and drop through the key slot

        (Be sure to mark with your preferred mode of contact, i.e. phone, text, email)

  3.   Review your repair options sent by the desired mode of contact and approve

  4.   Make payment securely via telephone and arrange for secure vehicle pickup

We are taking the following measures for your protection and ours:

    · Cleaning customer’s keys and all touchpoints of the vehicle with disinfectant

    · Technicians wear gloves when working inside the vehicle

    · Continual disinfecting of waiting area, door handles, and restrooms

    · Extreme frequent hand washing and hand sanitizing

Currently, we have zero reports of infected team members and will continue to monitor this moving forward.

Please practice caution, stay safe and let’s all do what we can to help each other during these trying times.

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Available Appointments on August 10, 2020

  12:40 pm – 1:10 pm1 space available
  1:10 pm – 1:40 pm1 space available
  1:40 pm – 2:10 pm1 space available
  2:10 pm – 2:40 pm1 space available
  2:40 pm – 3:10 pm1 space available
  3:10 pm – 3:40 pm1 space available
  3:40 pm – 4:10 pm1 space available