The leading reason for having a vehicle’s suspension lowered is usually just cosmetic. But there are other reasons for lowering your car or truck suspensions. It can change aspects of a vehicle’s performance but altering vehicle suspension does have its drawbacks.

Lowering Springs

There are various ways to lower your suspension but lowering springs represents one of the most significant. Changing the springs used in your vehicle can cause it to ride a bit lower to the ground, but this is not a decision to make lightly. It is recommended to consult a trusted technician to identify the best aftermarket springs for your car.

Lowering Shocks

An alternative to lowering the springs is to invest in adjustable lowering shocks for your vehicle. As with lowering springs, it is key to use discretion when selecting the shocks you install. A technician can offer a recommendation as to what shocks are right for your vehicle or whether it is advised to have the service performed at all.


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